Criminal Charges Against Harry Melber, AHM Investigations, Who Aided Paterson Officials To Target Publishers wife

In 2017 AMH Investigation Harry Melber was criminally charged by a Verona Municipal Court Judge. On April 5th, 2017 Harry Melber and AMH Investigations were surrounded and pulled over by at least four police cars. The Verona Police Department responded to a call by a publishers wife of being chased by Melber.

This was the second time Melber was caught by the publisher’s wife, the first time she stated she had to drive quickly into a secured garage to escape Harry Melber but was not sure what was going on.

The publisher’s wife stated Melber was intentionally stalking and harassing her weaving in and out of traffic to get to her. After a judge heard her testimony of the incident Melber was charged with Staking, Reckless Driving, and Careless Driving. The Judge stated because the more serious charges were not pleaded separately he could not consider it. One City Clerk noted, “he (Harry Melber) can’t be that good of a detective, he got caught two times.”

However, Melber was accused in court documents by the publisher, who has written about Paterson corruption, that Melbes intent was more serious than just chasing his wife, hence the reason he was seen and caught.

The publisher note in a 2017 Facebook post and in court documents, had the police not responded so quickly, his wife could have been in a situation that caused others their lives, such as Princess Diana. That in fleeing she could have been hurt.

Court documents state that at least two witnesses said Harry Melber was hired by Paterson officials to target the publisher and when that failed Harry Melber was directed to go after the Publisher’s wife. One witness specifically names the Current Mayor Andre Sayegh.
Andre Sayegh and the Publisher have been in a long-standingĀ dispute after the publisher accused the then-CouncilmanĀ of corruption, incompetence.
As of September 23rd. Melber is now named as a witness in a Federal Suit the Publisher has against the officials in Paterson. Melber is also accused of hiding evidence at his trial.

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