AMH Investigations, Harry Melber Accused of Targeting Publisher’s Wife For Corrupt Officials

Harry Melber Caught By Police

On April 5th, 2017 AMH Investigations and Harry Melber were pulled over by several police cars in Verona New Jersey. The wife of a Paterson publisher was the target of Harry Melber who was allegedly hired by Paterson officials and their friends.
That evening the wife of the publisher stated she was being chased by AMH Investigations and Harry Melber who apparently did not make any secret of the chase as he repeatedly follows the publisher’s wife when she attempted to evade him by going in and out several commercial lots. The police officer at the scene stated Harry Melber showed no ID except his PI license and was driving a van with temporary plates. This made the Publisher who was on the phone with the police department even more suspicious of Melber’s intent. Melber chose to allegedly target the publisher’s wife about an hour away from her home where she worked in South Jersey and even more suspicious action.

At home, the publisher waited for his wife in anger and worry. When the publisher’s wife came home she began crying repeated in fear and why she had to be targeted by the Paterson politicians and Melber. The publisher’s wife is not involved in politics, she is normally a passive person who leaves her home at 6:30 am and returns home at about 7;30 pm in a very stressful job. Her only peace of mind for a stressful job has been a few hours of TV to unwind and in bed by 10;30.
The targeting by Melber has taken its toll on her so much is added to an already stressful job. The fear of her safety, then causes the publisher to abandon his ambition for running for mayor of Paterson against and a councilman he accused of constantly pushing his Islamic views and targeting Christians.
According to a former Passaic City Police Chief, Melber’s actions against the publisher’s wife was intentionally and to scare her for the Islamic Councilman, to get to the publisher and caused him to drop out of the Paterson election for mayor.
The Publisher was forced to take his wife out of New Jersey for both their safety but not before filing a civil federal suit against the city of Paterson.
To date, neither Harry Melber or AMH Investigations has apologies to the publisher’ or his wife for the pain, fear, and grief he has caused.

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