Harry Melber And His Wife Amy Farmer Under Investigation For Corruption By Another PI

Amy Farmer The Wife Of PI Harry Melber Under Possible Investigation For Corruption

This after her husband targeted the wife of the former NJ Pulse President for the Paterson Government.

“That other edge of the sword, you draw against a man’s wife, will be drawn against you and yours.”

For the last two years the Government of Paterson, PI Harry Melber they hired
and his Attorney John Olsen has put my wife and her home in hell going after her and by lying that a post about them stalking her was not free speech and freedom of the press.

They took advantage of telling these lies to a political judge when the NJ Pulse president and his wife left NJ and could not defend the case. They use that to get a judgment for the Paterson government and a developer Charles Florio how helped financed the case. We’ll deal with him soon.

the PI Harry Melber stated he followed the former NJ Pulse wife looking for “corruption.” According to Harry Melber anyone who is involved in politics and their family is prone to corruption and should have that “dirt” made publicly he suggested in a trial against him.

That is why an investigator has contacted us and asked if we would like the same investigation on the wives or Harry Melber, John Olsen and Charles Florio for corruption or aiding in corruption seeing their husbands are now deeply involved in corruption in Paterson politics.

When Joey Torres, Andre Sayegh, and others got into politics they open themselves to public investigations and scrutiny according to the actions of Harry Melber and his attorney John Olsen.

They also open themselves to public corruption investigation and charges when they got hired by the government officials, got on national television and made public comments in interviews and more importantly sued a publication.

According to Harry Melber, family members are not off-limits to an investigation, it is why he targeted the wife and daughters of the former mayor Torres and the wife of the then NJ Pulse newspaper, to appease the Paterson government.

However, we are told the actions he took against the NJ Pulse president’s wife was more sinister than an investigation but to “Push her” while she was driving on an open highway.
We’ll release those audio recordings soon.

Unde that premiss set by these perpetrators and dictators my response to an investigation in their wives was..

“anyone that brings us information, including videos or photos of corruption or associated with corruption or a person relevant or related to politicians, directly or indirectly, is’ fit for publication and or other actions.”

Harry Melber drew attention to himself by getting into dirty unhanded politics and going on public television to boast about it, instead of staying in the background. He and his attorney also drew attention to themselves by repeatedly lying in a complaint to a court, to get a judgment, which is now public records as you’ll see in the other media soon.

The nature of the lies was targeted the wife of the NJ Pulse.

Now that she is cleared of wrongdoing or “corruption” as they stated in court. It is only fitting all the other wives in this circle be investigated, to see if they have “dirt” on them in supporting these men and their alleged corruption Paterson’s inner circle.

PI Harry Melber, stated in court he was hired as a PI to go after the publishers’ wife and he was only doing his job. He got away with that and a court did nothing to him, even though he hid his video evidence and lied.

Now let’s see if their wife’s history can muster the same investigation as a judge said is okay to do, beginning with Amy Farmer, is she corrupted or have any dirty as her husband is accused of?

When people are getting you information for free, you don’t say no.
What they or anyone finds good or bad we will publish based on their husband’s involvement in the politics of Paterson.

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